1. its my birthday so clataclata lol


  2. jackie chaaaaaaa-annnnnnnnnnnnnnn


  3. holmes holmes holmes holmes holmes holmes holmes



  5. I DO


  6. Last day of Papp History Month song right here


  7. Hittin that Usher aka big nigga wiggly #badboy #diddy #usher #dancing #gigs #pappiness #papphistorymonth #music @loltrev shirt was to small to attempt #hellafunny


  8. "Wife beater with the denimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"
    — The dream (i love ya girl)

  9. Regulators

    Love the song but the more i listen to it the more i feel like it shouldnt be plural. Warren G got jacked in his home town, meanwhile Nate Dogg had the freaks and that a known fact. He laid several busters down then got back to the hollerin at the freaks after making bodies turn cold, now if you know like i knowwwwwwww thats only one nigga regulating


  10. awwwww im so crunk right now

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  11. poor Hov

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  12. ye understands

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  13. dance round the damn house like im diddy, ITS BASEDDDDDDDGODDDDDDDDDDDD


  14. Jhene Aiko

    Aint nothin but maid in manhattan j-lo. So you know drake that white guy


  15. Merry birthday to the homie @buddhagsnaps his juice drip was featured in a art show in sf and he got one of the rawest mixtapes coming soon (i know cause im bout to leak it) so ladies if you see him let him motorboat you #pappiness #thehits #buddhag #rap #music #bayarea #2thelevel day 38