1. I liked it better when JT was sick over britney so he fucked bitches and made slaps


  2. The look you make after you come to a chick house and she tell you she on her period


  3. its my birthday so clataclata lol


  4. jackie chaaaaaaa-annnnnnnnnnnnnnn


  5. holmes holmes holmes holmes holmes holmes holmes



  7. I DO


  8. Last day of Papp History Month song right here


  9. Hittin that Usher aka big nigga wiggly #badboy #diddy #usher #dancing #gigs #pappiness #papphistorymonth #music @loltrev shirt was to small to attempt #hellafunny


  10. "Wife beater with the denimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"
    — The dream (i love ya girl)

  11. Regulators

    Love the song but the more i listen to it the more i feel like it shouldnt be plural. Warren G got jacked in his home town, meanwhile Nate Dogg had the freaks and that a known fact. He laid several busters down then got back to the hollerin at the freaks after making bodies turn cold, now if you know like i knowwwwwwww thats only one nigga regulating


  12. awwwww im so crunk right now

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  13. poor Hov

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  14. ye understands

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  15. dance round the damn house like im diddy, ITS BASEDDDDDDDGODDDDDDDDDDDD