1. Welcometo the Jungle

    Seth cohen stars in a remake of lord of the flies with jean claude van damn now tell me you dont got 2 hours for that?


  2. a whole new world

    (Source: ruinedchildhood, via smalltimehero)


  3. Venus & Vegas

    didnt even try to finish this one


  4. Stark Raving Mad

    fuck you netflix


  5. Recording



  6. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

    their was a actual story and plot? it just didn’t do it for me


  7. Idle hands

    Young jessica alba and a dead seth green. Need i say more


  8. Drinking Buddies

    this was not worth the 3 secs (if that) of Olivia Wilde dark ass titty shot


  9. Admission

    who wants to go to Princeton anyway


  10. The Guilt Trip

    so white people hate their parents? i didn’t need a movie to explain this to me


  11. Contracted

    this movie should be shown in sex ed classes to scare kids from going raw dog with strangers 


  12. PAPP JOHNSON - Gravity

    Heres a few jokes from the set i did Nov.16.2013 at Spic Monkey in Oakland for the Laugh City show produced by Lyall Behrens.  video shot by Corie Gipson of baystandup.com


  13. Papp Movie picks of 2012 part 2


  14. Papp Movie picks of 2012 part 1


  15. World War Z - Official Trailer (HD)

    Brad Muthafuckin Pitt vs the Bath Salt Gang is going to be epic