1. The Mist

    niggas would have been straight if that was a Wal-mart


  2. https://soundcloud.com/famintin/ep1 #podcast #famintin #bayarea #sanfrancisco #oakland #blacklove #movies #food


  3. Something to listen to on your way to work, the first episode of the podcast Famintin’ with Chich and Papp Johnson
    in this episode Papp and Chich talk about the newest marvel movie Captain America: The Winter solider and Russell Crowe’s Noah.
    (WARNING****There is slight audio poppin for the first 15 mins, don’t worry folks we fixed it)


  4. Welcometo the Jungle

    Seth cohen stars in a remake of lord of the flies with jean claude van damn now tell me you dont got 2 hours for that?


  5. a whole new world

    (Source: ruinedchildhood, via smalltimehero)


  6. Venus & Vegas

    didnt even try to finish this one


  7. Stark Raving Mad

    fuck you netflix


  8. Recording



  9. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

    their was a actual story and plot? it just didn’t do it for me


  10. Idle hands

    Young jessica alba and a dead seth green. Need i say more


  11. Drinking Buddies

    this was not worth the 3 secs (if that) of Olivia Wilde dark ass titty shot


  12. Admission

    who wants to go to Princeton anyway


  13. The Guilt Trip

    so white people hate their parents? i didn’t need a movie to explain this to me


  14. Contracted

    this movie should be shown in sex ed classes to scare kids from going raw dog with strangers 


  15. PAPP JOHNSON - Gravity

    Heres a few jokes from the set i did Nov.16.2013 at Spic Monkey in Oakland for the Laugh City show produced by Lyall Behrens.  video shot by Corie Gipson of baystandup.com