1. Money Ball 2: The Power of the Pitt

    My homie Buddha G came up on some tickets to the final A’s regular season game (shouts out to his moms for those). The power of the Pitt kicked in and we not only won the game but finally took 1st place of the division to not have to play in the wild card.

    Shouts Out Buddha G, Derby, Dove and Ben G for rocking that clean ass Ricky Henderson shirt and staying turnt up the whole 9 innings


  2. Only on the A’s

    can a player have to miss games with pink eye in both eyes….Coco Crisp please explain yourself butt muncher


  3. the Bullshit that is the MLB

    So these guys can do steroids

    (everybody he knew testified against him by the way)

    (and this guy tested postive and still won NL MVP and didn’t miss a game)

    but these guys got the 50 off top

    way to commish that shit Bud Selig




  5. Tragic Genius