1. Papptain’s Log #5

    I sit here writing today’s log as I watch a bad straight to netflix movie named say goodnight, apparently it’s about some dudes tryna fuck chicks which would be something i’d enjoy but they do voice overs every 10 minutes which makes it hella weak.


    This is really fucking up my streak of good movies which is at a crazy streak of 1 since I watched The Town last night…..I gotta say Ben Affleck is the fucking man, not only has he made 2 great movies (Gone Baby Gone) he stays repping his home town, Boston which I can feel cause trust that all my future movies will be set in Oakland or New Orleans.  The movie was great with pussy whooped Affleck and his quick trigger brother just tearing shit up, while some dick fed, but aren’t they all uses every dirty tactic to catch them.  If you haven’t seen it I suggest you check it out, 2 hours of entertainment.

    My day was another shlocked one, but I made it to the gym to go play ball and fucking lost 3 times which had me heated and thinking bout what has become of my life.  i gotta get shit together forreal, heading to my mom’s house on public transportation makes me really want to get a job, so when I got home I applied to like job posted on craigslist, if you have a hook up in the Bay let me know cause I need shit to change and change fast.  The comedy thing is def the path I’m on but I think the people who are names in the bay right now are moving slower then I need them to be.  I’m looking at everybody as somebody in my way cause their getting gigs I want, only one way to get where I want and that’s grind harder.  But for tonight my hip is aching and Ollie is snoring.  Oh yeah the warriors scraped the hornets 110-103 which puts us at 14-21 and on a winning streak of that big 1.  Also the NBA announced who will be in the dunk contest: Blake Grifin, Javale McGee, Brandon Jennings, Serge Ibaka.  ESPN basically already has Blake aka the Poster Child winning this and continuing the dick sucking of him….Personally I”m a take Ibaka (those Africans always got something tricky going on)  But I already know all Blake has to do is make a dunk and someone will fall to their knees, oh well a star is born for the 2nd year “rookie”….with that being said I’m out…..Gone