1. Papp Johnson is in the Chi

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  2. im not home

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  3. how ya boys come out the back room when they hear bitches

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  4. he just realized he fucked up by swiping right 

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  5. how you love that is still the best album out the bunch

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  6. "You can’t litter negativity everywhere then wonder why you have a trashy life."
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  7. Chicago

    Why are your bugs so loud


  8. Stumbled upon wrigley field on our way to “this weeks show” shouts out to nigel ng and nate burrows for all the laughs #wrigleyfield #baseball #chicago (at Wrigley Field)


  9. She just farted

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  10. Papp johnson vs michael jordan #chicago #michaeljordan #hooplife #basketball #legendvslegend #ibelievedicouldfly #paudontwantnonetho #bulls (at United Center)


  11. but she twerkin


  12. The PEEZUS tour kicked off last night with a bang. Don’t miss the show #chicago #peezus #hellafunny #comedy



  14. but you wanna stunt

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  15. i present Jill Scott aka REAL NIGGA

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