1. praise the lord

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  2. Stevie Wonder

    don’t want to see me in a game of Charades


  3. This nigga bron bounced all the way back #backtotheharline #karlmalonepissed


  4. gigs

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  5. "I am a Negro: Black as the night is black, Black like the depths of my Africa."
    — Langston Hughes, “Negro” (via black-culture)

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  6. going up on a tuesday

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  7. Oh somebody gettin shot today. Repost from @theelevatedgenius #youmad #heresaNwordwhitepeoplecansay #signupsforyourblacknessatwww.fuckthemneanderthals.com #humansinmytonysparksvoice


  8. He’s suffering from bitchassness & being a hoe ass nigga. No timetable for his return #godisgood #raidernation


  9. Todays Bullshit

    The black icloud got leaked. Hersey kiss nips everywhere #godisgood


  10. Me after 3 minutes of sex

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  11. When i drop these draws she be like

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  12. How it feels to be a Raiders fan

    Ive been laying here in bed since like 7:30 waiting for this raider game to start like a kid on the porch whose dad has weekend custody. Just waiting and hoping that today they show up. But we all know he aint shit


  13. "Its that same nasty bitch in that dirty impala"
    — Ilovemakonnen (exclusive)

  14. Stay humble

    Is what i learned from watching the hulk beat the dog shit outta loki in the avengers movie


  15. black love

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