1. Me after 3 minutes of sex

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  2. When i drop these draws she be like

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  3. How it feels to be a Raiders fan

    Ive been laying here in bed since like 7:30 waiting for this raider game to start like a kid on the porch whose dad has weekend custody. Just waiting and hoping that today they show up. But we all know he aint shit


  4. "Its that same nasty bitch in that dirty impala"
    — Ilovemakonnen (exclusive)

  5. Stay humble

    Is what i learned from watching the hulk beat the dog shit outta loki in the avengers movie


  6. black love

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  7. black excellence 

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  8. the father, the spirit and the holy ghost

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  9. Today’s Bullshit

    Rex Chapman pulls a Winston at the apple store, my guess is he promised some folks Iphone 6’s for a try out.

    Hope Solo cleared to play, guess cat fights and child abuse don’t apply to well you know.

    And still no arrest in the execution of mike brown


  10. cos playin these hoes

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  11. famintin:

    Papp & Chich invite Michael D’Bey to join them in a whirlwind review of Scarlett Johansson’s new flick “Lucy.” They explore the appeal of rapidly evolving white women and dissect why Morgan Freeman can’t resist them.

    **DISCLAIMER** after further review, it has been brought to our attention that Kelly Price and D’Angelo DID NOT in fact have a child, nor was the song, “Brown Sugar” written by D’Angelo for Kelly. That was Angie Stone, a whole other singing BBW. Therefore, Papp & Chich cannot not publicly align themselves Michael D’Bey’s claims.


  12. Matt ryan out here looking like the sucka from the hangover movies #dontfuckupmyfantasyweek


  13. A Comics Life Radio

    I get the chance to be apart A Comics Life Radio, hosted by Sandy Stotzer & Billy Batz.  So tune in, fans can tune in live at 4pm on www.LaTalkRadio.com channel 1, they can also call in live at 323-203-0815 or join our live chat at www.AComicsLifeRadio.com


  14. They love me in SoCal #welcometoLA #peezusworldtour #drawings #art #feelings #bendingcorners


  15. me every night

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