1. Shouts out to mike tyson. The cartoon is dope. #miketysonsmysetries #adultswim #cartoon #funny #losangeles (at The Theatre at Ace Hotel DTLA)


  2. @sirmichaeldbey be on stage lecturing people like “HA then i kissed that white bitch in the mouth and married her”


  3. My dude @loltrev hosts #mondaynighthype ever monday 8pm at the brainwash sf #sfcomedy


  4. 😂😂😂😂😂 @sirmichaeldbey showed up in la like “turn up” (at Trendsetters BarberShop)


  5. Its 10/17



  6. Boomin

    my linkedin account getting all the comedy endorsements. i got like 5 now


  7. white people *hits the blunt* and write shit like this

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  8. Hennessy Levels

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  9. she’s a beauty

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  10. #tbt back when i was really into guitar hero #JimmyNigdrix #videogameswillruinyourlife #fashionista #igotitatross #fitted


  11. A Walk AmongThe Tombs

    a young black kid is thrusted into a world of white people problems


  12. "But is it edible"
    — Papp johnson

  13. Hollywood Improv

    I got up tonight.  lucked up at was the last comic to perform, so i just headlined the improv…yeah it was the open mic…..and yeah it was in the back bar room, but a nigga got up and now they know


  14. My dude @loltrev new headshot bout to get him all the gigs #sexsymbol


  15. Anonymous said: Ayo pap

    Whats good blank face