1. Niggas act like

    Jordan didnt play for the wizards


  2. Spittin that fiya #chicago #peezus #fountaingamecrazy #bucknasty (at Buckingham Fountain)



    Labor day themed playlists
    Is going so hard right now


  4. I dont understand

    Why chicks with fake asses do #gymflow videos of them squatin n shit? Bitch you know you not really bout hard work


  5. Derek Carr named starter

    yes fuck Schaub


  6. america’s like merry labor day citizens¬†

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  7. watch whose bbq you eat today or this could be you

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  8. Big ups to Arthur Ash


  9. I just rode in a Tesla

    You cant tell me shit. Niggas was lookin thru the NASA glass sunroof feeling like i was sandra bullock in gravity


  10. By any means necessary #chicago #malcolmX #knowledgeisfreedom #unity #yocanstillgetthesehandstho (at Malcolm X College)


  11. You are a douche

    If you wear those silky team polos on gamedays at the bar


  12. im in chicago like

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  13. peace officer

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  14. Shocker

    The rams cut michael sam


  15. Pour Humor @Laugh Factory (Peezus Tour)

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