1. Big ups to Arthur Ash


  2. I just rode in a Tesla

    You cant tell me shit. Niggas was lookin thru the NASA glass sunroof feeling like i was sandra bullock in gravity


  3. By any means necessary #chicago #malcolmX #knowledgeisfreedom #unity #yocanstillgetthesehandstho (at Malcolm X College)


  4. You are a douche

    If you wear those silky team polos on gamedays at the bar


  5. im in chicago like

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  6. peace officer

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  7. Shocker

    The rams cut michael sam


  8. Pour Humor @Laugh Factory (Peezus Tour)

    Back by popular demand, our “Service Industry Night” welcomes bartenders, servers, and bar and restaurant workers — along with their family, friends, and everyone else! Bring in your restaurant check-stub or event invitation for exclusive $10 tickets! Featuring Chicago’s top comedians, including Alex Orozco and Kris Flanagan! Age restriction: 18 years and over 2 drink minimum per person (can be non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage)

    Featuring Alex Orozco, Kris Flanagan and more comedians to be announced!


  9. Life imitates art #tybg #chicago #navypier #peezus #followtheleader shouts out to the lil asian girl who joined in (at Navy Pier)


  10. that nigga Usher hit the ticking moonwalk



  11. Do you remember the time when music videos, were videos.  MJ had Iman, Eddie Murphy, Magic Johnson and Debo in his shit.   not to mention the dance scene where everybody is on point and he still out shines them all.


  12. Wtf chicago???? Im pretty sure this is racist and how the blackhawks got their name #chicago #statue #whitefolksvsindians #outtapocket #rubbingitinourfaces #celebratingfuckery (at Chicago Riverwalk)


  13. "Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved"
    — Three 6 Mafia

  14. Papp Johnson is in the Chi

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  15. im not home

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